Interview with Ed Kloppenburg – Part 2 of 3

Ed has seen a lot in 55 years of business. And I see a broad swathe of textbook sellers, in addition to my own seven years experience with Amazon book sales. In this video, we dish about the mistakes we see ALL THE TIME and how to avoid them.



Part 2

Discussions of the mistakes sellers make and how they can be better.


00:00 Ed discussed how he focuses on the $ value of ROI instead of percentage

02:30 Ed discusses how focusing on turnover improves the gross revenues (an improves Amazon scores)

05:30 Ed discusses how the higher priced books have less competition.

8:15 Discussion of the way the market behaves later in the high season

9:15 Why you should invest as MUCH time as possible to the business, in order to learn the complexities.

11:30 Examples of when the Buy indicators can fool you and why you need to remember that you’re part of a larger market.

13:45 Ed shares insight on what he has learned from watching the day-over-day pricing of his own books.

15.30 How much you need to invest to get a certain amount of income

16:25 “I think that most people think that when they have them on Amazon, they will sell.” The dynamics of off-season textbookselling

18:30 Shanna discussion on why not to hire a VA right away. How Ed has put in a great deal of time to learn the ins and outs and that’s why he’s so good. Ed continues the discussion.

Here’s a close-up of the Keepa Graphic:


Next up: How to adapt Ed’s highly effective system when you only have a couple hours a day…

Watch the previous interview here.

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