Books You Shouldn’t Sell Online

You might be wondering which books are good to sell and which ones you should avoid. While there are many books that you can sell online and we have lots of tips to help you,

There are also certain books that you do not want to sell. 

First off, it’s important to understand that books, like any product, are niche-specific. By finding your niche, you can establish yourself in the marketplace by offering good quality books within that specific genre and capturing a smaller customer base that the larger sellers don’t pay much attention to.

While there are many popular genres for book selling, including biographies, memoirs, histories, textbooks, self-help, science, health, business, travel, and cookbooks, there are also certain books that you should avoid selling online. Here are a few examples:

1.Books in Poor Condition

One of the most important things to consider when selling books online is the condition of the book. If the book is in poor condition, it’s likely that it won’t sell or you’ll receive negative feedback. This is why it’s important to carefully inspect each book before listing it for sale. Books with water damage, ripped pages, or damaged covers are some examples of books that you should avoid selling online. Learn about Condition Notes here.

2. Outdated Textbooks

While textbooks are a profitable niche to sell in, You really have to do your research. Students aren’t typically looking for the MOST current edition of a textbook, but you generally also cannot sell one that’s five editions back. Good Check-In procedures can help you catch problems before they are listed.

3. Mass Market Paperbacks

Dime novels, officially called “Mass market paperbacks” are popular, but they are also one of the most difficult to sell online. These books are often sold in bulk and at a discount, which makes it difficult to compete with other sellers. Additionally, they are often printed on low-quality paper and can be easily damaged during shipping.

4. Books That Are Against Amazon’s Policies

It’s important to remember that there are actually books that are against Amazon’s policies. Anything that promotes hate speech, contains illegal content, or violates copyright laws you really want to stay away from. If you try to sell these books on Amazon, your account may be suspended or terminated. And as I have said before, you only get ONE Amazon account. Just stay away from this stuff.

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  1. hello, i am new to used book reselling, your website says you don’t accept new online arbitrage sellers. does that include Me ?

  2. No, we consider booksellers a separate class from OA. When most people say OA, they mean people buying new merchandise for resale.

  3. Hello, I am thinking about unauthorized books and i`m also thinking who can help us to recognize

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