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Are You a:

Private Label Seller

Whether you’re an independent brand on Shopify, or you’re selling on Amazon, Wal-mart and beyond, we can help you gain insight into your supply chain and provide actionable feedback on the process to improve your logistics flow and keep you in stock at all times.

Wholesale Seller

You know there’s more places to sell than just the major marketplaces! We can ship your cased inventory to anyone– brick and mortar stores, vendors, restaurants, reviewers and more with great rates. (Note, this is not DTC fulfillment. This is wholesale B2B shipping & logistics.)

Used Books Seller

Neither fish nor fowl, booksellers don’t get a lot of love in prep centers! We got our start in book inspection and prep, and it’s still one of our most popular services. We ship over 10 tons of books per week to FBA for our sellers. You could be one too!

How it works

All you need to do is add us as a user in your FBA account with a set of permissions that we provide. This allows us to print labels and/or on your behalf. You must have a Professional Seller account to set up a subuser account.

We will need a credit card on file, safely stored in uCollect, our payment processor.

If you need polybags, we must know ahead of time what size is required so that we can be sure to have enough in stock when your items arrive.


We receive daily deliveries from all major carriers. LTL loads can be delivered to our truck docks, no lift gate required. However, floor loaded shipping containers must have an appointment.

Inspect & Receive

We match your inventory against the documentation you supply on your bespoke customer inventory portal. There we document the conditions and all relevant details such as bills of lading and tracking numbers. You’ll be able to log in and see live details of all onsite inventory.

Create Shipment

Creating shipments is easy in our customer portal! With the click of a button you can have your inventory on the road within 48 hours.


Once we get your shipment trigger, we follow rigorous processes to ensure that everything is prepared according to the needs of its destination. With competitive shipping rates, you can’t get a better deal anywhere.


Built for Your Success

When you never see the goods you sell, it’s critical to have someone you trust to manage and coordinate the logistics. 

With experience with Amazon FBA prep since 2011, and expanding into warehousing, forwarding, and repackaging in 2017, we understand that it’s not just about slapping labels on boxes. 

It’s about being able to run your business with the full confidence that all is as it should be with the high-quality goods that you’ve invested in. 


At the heart of our service is the philosophy that we’re not just here to count cartons or slap some labels on boxes. We’re here to help small businesses succeed in a global marketplace dominated by titans.

That means that we’re available to help educate, explain and suggest best practices for your specific case—after all, you’re not the logistics expert. We are.

We Invest in People + Tech

It’s common to think of warehousing as involving a scurry of people and machines, rushing about like ants. But while it’s just as fascinating as an anthill, logistics and warehousing is even more complex than THAT.

We use Open Book Management to engage our workforce and educate them on the bottom line. This makes them more effective as employees, but also more effective advocates for YOUR business. After all, the last thing any of us wants is a line worker with a ‘not my problem’ attitude handling your goods.

We also invest in proprietary inventory management programs to not only manage our internal processes to the highest level, but to offer you, the client, the most useful amount of insight and transparency into your stock levels, product parameters, and more!

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