I knew if I wanted to make money selling books, I had to jump in and start buying.  However, I didn’t realize what a time-consuming hassle it was to prep the books, label them, list them, pack them and haul them to be shipped to Amazon! The first time I did it took me at least half a day. When I heard about Central Virginia Prep, it was a no-brainer! I happily pay them their small fee per book to do all that!  

I had several questions for them, and they were all answered quickly and completely. The set-up process was easy and seamless. Shanna is terrific and happy to answer questions any time.  They don’t ship the books until you are ready to have them shipped, and you still control the pricing. They also prep books from any source, not just Amazon. An added bonus is that they will take care of trade-ins as well!  I’ve now made over $1700 in net profit in just a couple of months and feel like this is a business I can actually grow. Finding this prep service was essential for me, and has made a huge difference.

I recently got back from a vacation in Mexico, and it was nice to know the books wouldn’t be piling up at my home while we were away, not to mention the fact that I could order books from there or anywhere I have internet access, and have them sent to CVAP. I would highly recommend Central Virginia Prep to anyone who is serious about an efficient book selling business!


As a seller based in Thailand a prep service was a must for me, but having now used the service it would be a must for me even if I was based in the US due to the time and hassle it saves.

From the start Shanna has been nothing but helpful, and extremely approachable.  She replied to my ‘noob’ questions in depth and realising that I wasn’t based in the US took the time to explain the intricacies of a problem that came up that I wouldn’t have had a clue about having not dealt with the USPS before.

I was slightly concerned about getting my account set up as not everything is easy when you’re an international seller but it was all laid out for me in the first email and after that the process is very simple, all you have to do is copy and paste the details for the book into a spreadsheet and then wait for it to arrive at their warehouse.  The rest is all done for you.

I’m very happy with the service that’s been provided, they appear to be very thorough in checking the books and the customer service side goes above and beyond to make sure you get everything you need done.


I needed a prep service because I operate from the UK. So I asked a contact in the USA for to recommend a Prep Service and CVAP was one of 2 that were mentioned.

After a few initial mistakes on my part (i.e. buying Instructor’s editions of books) I found that CVAP’s system is very logical and soon got into the swing of working with them.

At the end of each day I check what has been received at CVAP by looking at the latest arrival date and when there are between 30 to 40 book I ask for them to be sent to Amazon. And so far nothing has gone wrong.

I have no problems working with CVAP and Amazon.com is easier to work with than the European Amazon Platforms (20% sales tax and 5 different languages, and the metric system)

CVAP have successfully done everything I have asked of them, and I am happy to recommend their services.

Jeffrey and Hazel

I have been working with CVAP for around two months now. I am very happy with their service. I got to them through a referral when I added books to my inventory. I was a total rookie in the book category. Shanna has been wonderful answering all my questions and getting me up to speed about books. They inspect the books upon arrival and grade them for me, which is essential to know what condition they arrive, and at times when needed suggested for me to ask for a refund on damaged books.

I run my US based business from overseas and thus totally rely on my prep companies to take care of the physical handling of inventory. CVAP is becoming my favorite. Their price is very reasonable and the cherry on top was when they didn’t even charge me for damaged books that needed to be returned, even though they had received, inspected, labeled separately and shipped. I highly recommend their services.


I wanted to send you comments on my experience with your company to date. I have been working with your firm for approx. three months and I am very satisfied with the timeliness and professionalism of Central Virginian Prep.

The process has been easy to adopt to and the few issues that I have had have been handled quickly and efficiently.

Normally I would make suggestions for improvement, but I cannot think of any at this point.

I looked at other prep services initially but I am very pleased I decided to work with Central Virginia Prep.


As a New Amazon Seller and living outside USA the best way I thought of taking care of my shipments is through a prep service.

I was too afraid in the beginning. What if the books I purchased didn’t arrive? What if the quality of the book I purchased wasn’t good? What if Amazon don’t pay me? I mean, I couldn’t do anything because I wasn’t seeing the books nor taking care of the shipments.

Since I started to work with Central Virginia Prep my fears started to disappear. Communication is top notch, anything I don’t know they are happy to answer and they ship fast.

In the beginning even a Excel spreadsheet with the books I purchased was overwhelm for me but Central Virginia Prep helped me.

I am at a place now that I am no longer afraid of selling books thanks to Central Virginia Prep!! I was even paid because of my shipments! So the prep service really works! Gratitude!


As soon as I got started with my bookselling business I realised that a prep service would provide the sort of ‘hands off’ service I would need to operate efficiently, particularly as I live outside the U.S.
Based on the recommendation of a well-known bookseller, I contacted Central Virginia Prep to help me get started. Initially I thought that being a newcomer dealing in relatively small book volumes might have been a barrier to good communication and service, but as it turned out, nothing could be further from the truth. Right from the start, Shanna guided me quickly and efficiently through the setup process, and since then I have always appreciated her honest, friendly and helpful email advice whenever I have had a question. I have also been very happy with their book turnaround time and their willingness to process small orders if requested.
I would recommend CVP to anyone who needs a high quality, professional and speedy prep service that is clearly based on years of industry experience. My rating for Central Virginia Prep is 10 out of 10!


I’m really happy to have found the perfect prep service for my needs. As a foreign and new seller, I am inexperienced in Amazon FBA thing. But I am happy that CVAP, especially Shanna, not only help me prepare, inspect, pack, and ship my stuffs but also give me advice regarding the FBA business. Shanna is so helpful and shares great information on what works and what doesn’t.

Since CVAP was recommended by a trusted source, I didn’t doubt doing business with them. At the very first day of me contacting them, I already gained confidence in them because Shanna responded so quickly. I got all the information I need within 24 hours. The process was not as difficult as others, including me, have thought. It was easy, transparent, and almost seamless. All I need to get started then was to send them my items! So I did! 🙂 My items were shipped to Amazon on time, and my items for return were taken care of accordingly.

I know it’s tough choosing the right prep service but I know I have made the right decision, as I am starting to see success in this business model using CVAP’s service.

Thank you, Shanna and CVAP team!


I decided to use a prep service because I am in the UK and need someone to receive, prepare, send and list my items to Amazon USA
I have used Prep services before but it is very much a “suck it and see” situation and it is not possible to assess the quality of a service until a few months have passed, and mistakes can be expensive.
CVAP have a very logical system that is easy to follow, and unlike the previous Prep service I used which was very impersonal, there is someone there that answers your questions personally.
The staff at CVAP have taught me a few new things too.


Let me begin by stating that Shanna and Central Virginia Prep have been an absolute blessing for this new Amazon seller from Canada. I have had quite a few stumbles and a lot of questions in my first three months, however Shanna has been there to pick me up, dust me off, and point me in the right direction each and every time. Response to my questions are punctual, and they make the whole process so easy, as well as cost efficient. I have no doubt that this amazing service will continue as I grow my business.

For anyone sitting on the fence I can whole heartedly endorse this business!


“My name is Eric and I want to give a big thank you to the Central Virginia Prep company for helping me get off the ground so quickly and easily in my Amazon Book selling business. I have been trying many different ways to create a second income online and after learning about the power and ease of selling used books on Amazon I was instantly attracted. However, with my work and travel schedule, I was worried about being able to execute the logistics of shipping and listing books on Amazon in a timely manner. Shanna at the Central Virginia Prep company has completely solved this problem for me. Getting set up with them was extremely easy. They have helped me with all my questions both getting started and as they arise in my business. With their help, I now have full confidence that I can ramp up this business and make a substantial second income online. Thank you Central Virginia Prep!”

Eric Paulson

I just want to say a big thank you to Christina, Shanna and the whole CVAP team for all their great work. I have just begun in this business and it’s pretty daunting but having CVAP there to guide me and essentially do all the hard work for me has really eased me into it and made the whole world of online arbitrage fun and simple.
I had an issue with around 7 gated books that I bought in my first shipment and CVAP were there instantly to provide advice and even email templates for my return requests to the sellers so that I could get the best outcome. I was able to get refunded for all of the books (minus shipping) and CVAP return shipped them all for me at no extra cost. Seriously amazing service!
Thanks again guys!

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